Thursday Roundup (5/4/17)

Today’s video takes a careful look at Matthew and Luke’s different genealogies of Jesus to see if they are a Bible contradiction. The podcast episode starts a new series on Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice by self-professed “Christian abortionist” Willie Parker. And the links of the week include feasting as war, anger at God, Sunday morning conversations, modesty, environmentalism and “anti-science,” and more!

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“Certainly every Christian ought to be praying and working to nullify the abominable abortion law. But as we work and pray, we should have in mind not only this important issue as though it stood alone. Rather, we should be struggling and praying that this whole [godless worldview] can be rolled back with all its results across all of life.”
~ Francis Schaeffer

Latest Video

Both Matthew and Luke present genealogies of Jesus… but they are quite significantly different! Is it a Bible contradiction?

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Answers for Ambassadors Podcast

This week’s episode starts a new series, A Blind Doctor: Dr. Willie Parker’s Deadly Compassion. In it, we’ll survey the new book Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice in which self-proclaimed Christian abortionist Willie Parker argues that Christian compassion requires an affirming, pro-choice position. In this first episode, we’ll look at what we can get out of the book, at Dr. Parker’s own story, and at the basics of his pro-abortion argument.

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Best Reads of the Week

“Feasting as an act of war.” A declaration of the spiritual significance of church potlucks.

Is it ever okay to be angry at God? Denny Burk offers a firm but gracious answer.

Church should be about fellowship as well as worship. Ryan Higginbottom offers some very practical suggestions for enriching our Sunday conversations.

In the world of “bigger is better,” one cannot hear too many reminders that God sees things differently. “God cares about what happens behind the closed doors of your house each and every day because he cares about the people in it. He cares about the seemingly ordinary work that you do because he is the one who created you for the very work you are doing right now.”

Pointing to biblical standards of modesty is not “victim blaming.”

With lots of recent buzz about Netflix’s new 13 Reasons Why series, Russell Moore takes a sensitive look at how the story encourages teen suicide.

The real “anti-science,” starring Bill Nye.

How can we tell “good” environmentalists from “bad” environmentalists? This helpful piece offers two good criteria.

Your mileage may vary, but I find this argument for using a paper Bible rather than an app in church to be pretty compelling.

“The lesbian porn star who claims to be an evangelical Christian” sounds like clickbait, but it’s worth reading Michael Brown’s meditation on how a young woman could be so confused about Christian holiness.

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