My wife and I

About David Vogel

Welcome to my site! I’ve been a teacher and writer for most of my adult life, starting with a couple years in newspaper journalism and blogging before founding an educational small business in 2007 to teach logic, writing, and Christian apologetics to homeschoolers. I started in 2013 as a hub for my work as a Christian writer and speaker, and I’ve been grateful to be able to devote increasing amounts of time to writing, podcasting, and teaching here.

If I am not working or enjoying time with my wife, Leah, I am probably reading, muddling through a DIY chore around the house, or going for a hike. I loved working for several summers as a raft guide in the North Carolina mountains, and I still enjoy heading to the mountains whenever we can. (For some reason, Leah is unenthusiastic about returning to spend another summer in a tent near the river, though.)

Leah and I live in North Carolina and attend a Reformed Presbyterian church where I serve as a deacon and Sunday School teacher.


About the Site serves as the hub for a writing and speaking ministry that includes videos, podcasts, webinars, speaking engagements, articles, and a book (all of them linked above or in the sidebar). At the moment, you can expect me to publish a new article on the blog every Monday and a “roundup” post every Thursday which contains my latest video and podcast episode alongside favorite links and other miscellaneous content.

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