My Presidential Endorsement for 2016

My endorsement here won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been reading my coverage of the presidential race, but I wanted to explain for the record why I cannot vote for either Trump or Clinton this year, and why I believe supporting NOTA 2016 is actually our best chance to do some good with our votes.

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5 thoughts on “My Presidential Endorsement for 2016”

  1. I agree with your assessment of the candidates. I don’t think the GOP gives a rip about the message you’re trying to send them, sadly. Christians, Conservatives, and Constitutionalists have been pushed off the political map. Both candidates won their nominations with without even decent lip-service being paid to our causes (save immigration). If you want to know what the GOP has planned for us, see how they treat Ted Cruz. In their eyes, he’s our effigy.

    • Hi Matt, I agree that the GOP isn’t listening to conservative voices right now. However, the fact that most party leaders aren’t very ideological and are all about political self-preservation can be used against them. They may not care about conservatives, but they do care about winning. If they find out they can’t win without conservatives in their coalition, that changes their calculations for 2020. Of course, maybe the country has changed enough that they can win without conservatives. That’s fine with me—my ultimate hope is in the gospel, not politics. But I actually don’t think conservatives need to resign themselves to the political wilderness just yet.

  2. OK, maybe we could whip the GOP into pandering to us every two years for a while longer. I’m just having a hard time getting pumped-up about the prospect.

    The wilderness ain’t so bad. Great civilizations are hewn from the wilderness. The tide of human events is going out in the West, and I think it’s time we became comfortable in the wilderness. The gospel is our only hope out here- exactly as it should be.

    Meanwhile, I’m curious to know who will get your vote this year. Maybe I could be talked into a write-in, if only for the sake of my conscience and sense of probity.

    • I think we largely agree. I’m more inclined to keep up the political fight as a secondary priority flowing out of “love your neighbor,” because I am philosophically opposed to ever saying it is “too late” for anything. But I think it’s important to keep it in its proper place. The gospel always has priority, and if we end up in the wilderness (as seems likely), well that’s just fine.

      As for my prospective write-in, I haven’t decided yet. Honestly, I might just leave that top spot blank—seems almost more symbolically fitting, since a write-in has no effect anyway.

  3. David,
    Thanks for your well though out commentary. Unfortunately, I tend to agree with Matt. There is so much corruption within politics and the repubs have become complicit in that they have done nothing to help turn the tide under one of the worse presidents we’ve probably had in US history. Even if the repub party would come clean, I wonder if it would be too late after a Hillary presidency and the devastation it would create?? You agree that Hillary is awful, but it’s almost as if you don’t fully acknowledge the extent of what she is capable of and what she will actually do if she becomes president. She is a very evil woman who we can see does not hold high the sanctity of life and is ruthless in doing anything to obtain her Godless agenda which will ultimately unleash more death and destruction upon us in a very short time frame. The wreckage she would bring may cause us from ever being able to recover from it but for a bloody revolution. She and her cronies are bent on destroying our freedoms and totally subjugating the american people according to her marxist/globalist ideology and all she needs is to be able to get her foot in the door and occupy the most powerful position in what is left of the last bastions of freedom In the world. The thought of her push for more perversions and brain washing of our children and young adults is more than I can handle. How much more can young minds, bodies, and hearts sustain being subjected to more debauchery and depravity? It gives me the creeps to think about what it would be like living in a Hillary America!


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