A brief programming note

As you may have noticed, I’ve got a lot going on here at DavidVogel.net! I’m going to be posting articles much more regularly, and I am excited to have begun the Answers for Ambassadors podcast and published The Truth with Love: A Christian’s Guide to Talking About Homosexuality and Gay MarriageI wanted to give you a quick summary of what to expect in terms of content in coming months.

Here on the blog, I will be posting regular articles on Wednesday afternoons. I will also occasionally add shorter posts during the rest of the week, like yesterday’s advice for maintaining a good testimony on social media.

New podcast episodes will be added on Monday afternoons, hopefully in time for the evening commute! If you subscribe via iTunes or another podcast player, the new episodes will automatically appear as soon as I post them on SoundCloud.

And there’s always the Facebook page too…

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